Biometric Enrollment Device

Biometric Enrollment Devices

Multi fingerprint & dual iris sensor are well suited for biometric enrollment & verification process. It includes MORPHS and MATISX biometric sensor devices to proficiently enlist a person by scanning all ten fingerprints & dual iris of individuals precisely.

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Our Biometric Enrollment Devices

Mantra's biometric enrollment devices are utilized to carry out the biometric enrollment verification process of the citizens. For consistent image processing and proficient biometric enrollment of people, Mantra offers versatile, robust multi-biometric fingerprint sensor MORPHS and advanced dual iris sensor MATISX. The next-generation innovation and engineering design of the devices make them the most excellent choice for biometric enrollment project.

The biometric enrollment devices are tough, secure & precise and meet distinctive measures of FBI appendix F, CE & FCC. The ten-print fingerprint scanner & dual iris scanner offers ease of operation and high-speed picture capture functionality. Mantra biometric enrollment devices MORPHS and MATISX are tough & strong so the user can operate them under the different natural environment such as under direct daylight. Both the fingerprint sensor & iris sensor is encased in a strong casing to protect the device.


Mantra MORPHS is a portable & unique multi fingerprint scanner device use to capture all ten fingerprint images of individuals (four finger-slaps & thumbs of both the hands). The ten-print fingerprint capture device is proficient in capturing both fingerprints ID flats.

Single flat finger image capture

Registers four finger slaps & two thumbs

Scratch free sensor surface

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MATISX is an advanced dual iris scanner that simultaneously captures both the iris of an individual with greater precision. The adjustable interpupillary distance feature makes the device well-suited for IRIS based biometric identification & enrollment project requirements. MATISX has dual iris sensor, enclosed in a sturdy casing and has IP65 rating (protection against dust and water).

Simultaneous Dual IRIS Capture

Auto capture mode with built-in quality check

Supports Windows x86 and x64, Linux

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