Access Control

Access Control

Access control system is designed to control the access of personnel into an Organization by the process of authorization. The Biometric access control system provides a convenient and quick access to an authorized person.

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Our Access Control

Access control system manages the entry of an individual into the facilities and allows access to an authorized person only. Mantra's access control device presents a comprehensive logical or physical access control solution to secure your premises, assets, facilities or data. Technically, two types of Access control systems are recognized in the world of Biometrics namely - physical and logical.

Biometric Access Control system authenticates and authorizes an individual based upon his/her physiological characteristics or attributes and then permits him/her to enter the sensitive area or zone. The Biometric access control system ensures greater security of the premises and proves to be significant in monitoring the vital assets or facilities of your business or enterprise.

However, based on the usability and requirement, the access control system can be classified as :-

Proximity access control system

Door access control system

Security access control system

Visitor access control system and many more

Our Access control system renders:-

Access control for highly secured areas

Mechanism to manage level of access

Environment to protect facilities, personnel, and assets

Control over visitor management and much more


Mantra mBrix is a high-quality USB fingerprint access control device that can be employed for the authentication of an authorized person to allow him/her access through the premises. mBrix provides higher security and is highly robust.

3.5 Inch Touch Screen TFT Color LCD with 320x240 Virtual Keypad on LCD

Linux OS (RTOS)

512 MB RAM , 256MB Flash

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BioNIC 7 is built with industry's most advanced and robust sensors to improve the longevity and accuracy. In-built Wifi system makes it more suitable for any user.

7 Inch Touch Screen TFT Color LCD with 320x240 Virtual Keypad on LCD

512 MB RAM , 256MB Flash

Linux OS (RTOS)

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