Embedded Software Engineering

Embedded Software Engineering is the method of controlling diverse devices and machines. Integrating software program with non computer devices leads to the formation of embedded systems. A typical embedded system requires many programming tools, microprocessors, and operating systems, created by embedded software engineers, who tailor their development to the hardware that controls it and on which it will run.

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The software and operating system requirements of an embedded system are different from a traditional computer based system. Typically, embedded systems use basic integrated system software such as C, C++ or ADA, etc. Some specialised embedded structures may also use different OS such as Windows, LINUX, etc.

Mantra has deep knowledge in the firmware improvement for embedded systems. We develop BSPs to reflect the CPU and peripherals of the generic OS interfaces. These BSPs offer the entire capability to enable the interface between different system components and are compatible with Android, Linux, and Windows. Our team has successfully addressed the inherent barriers of hardware devices, delivering quicker up time for all types of boards.

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When you want to embed biometric technologies and capabilities into small, portable, or customized systems, it can be pretty tough to find the right tools and components. Most biometric hardware manufacturers focus on standard methods such as USB fingerprint scanners or wall mounted access control systems. These biometric software brands commonly do not even offer software tools that work on anything less than a powerful smartphone. Trying to discover reliable information on alternatives and proven technologies can be frustrating and costly if you make a mistake.

Providentially, Mantra Biometrics can provide sound guidance in embedded software engineering, based upon vast experience we have achieved working on embedded biometric systems. We have developed technologies that reduce the cost and bring efficiency into the system, making it work on multiple levels, for instance, Mantra is offering.

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Embedded micro controllers with pre installed biometric algorithms.

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Small and light software tools that you can flash into the platform of your preference.

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Small and efficient biometric sensors to build into virtually any product