Research & Development

We help to shift the workload of user authentication from a human being to the technology as we are continuously creating an innovative set of technologies in biometric. Mantra R&D works on developing innovative technology to replace old authentication methods.

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Our Research & Development

Our innovative recognition technology consists of advanced algorithms for fingerprint, IRIS, Palm, vein and Biometric Integrated technologies. Solutions based upon these technologies, conveniently and securely authenticate users with any third party application. Our technology solutions are based on cutting-edge research and have been implemented by hundreds of users across the globe. Also, our Biometrics software is designed in such a way that it can be integrated with any third party platform, operating system and application to provide the best user experience.

Mantra R&D objective

New technologies are changing the world at a faster pace, creating new hurdles along with the new opportunities. With the help of Research & Development Team, Mantra aims to play a vital role in creating innovative biometric technologies that will shape the future. Mantra works with the Government and leading Businesses to resolve major security and identity challenges.


Our R&D develops innovative technology-based product and solutions for a custom requirement of the business; these solutions are designed to address the business specific problems. With years of experience in the security, surveillance and biometrics system, we have developed our own expertise in the product and solution development. We are positioned as a custom product and solution provider that will help companies in securing and improving operational efficiency to achieve company goals.


Our scientific team is composed of many highly knowledgeable members who have developed various groundbreaking technology based products in the security and surveillance industry as they have expertise in the industry.

Products & Services

We have expertise in developing the next generation integrated biometrics solution. Our R&D team is working continuously in developing the next level of Biometric Integrated technology.

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