Minop Cloud-based Attendance Tracking and Payroll System for Small to a Large organization.


No Fake Punch in or Punch Out.

Real-Time Monitoring of Attendance.

No Expensive Hardware.

Instant Attendance Reporting.

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About Minopcloud

We are specialized in the design and development of cloud based time and attendance software systems which gives you real-time access to your employees’ attendance records. Whether the users clock in via the mobile application, web application or through a mounted biometric device their data will be instantly sent to your administration Dashboard, where it can be automatically compiled into a range of reports including payroll & attendance records.

Solutions & Services


Our cloud-based time and attendance system provide a comprehensive, accurate, and affordable solution to the business.

Time & Attendance

Leave Management


Minop is a cloud base Workforce software solution to fit your unique business needs. Minop has a simple pricing structure and you can upgrade whenever you need. The best part is, it can be easily set up in any size of the organization.

Mantra Devices use a camera for marking staff attendance.

You will know immediately, in real time, which staff is late or absent.

There is no need to spend a single cent on your punch card or biometric machines and its storage server.

Download Staffs' attendance report instantly.

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