Smart City Solution

Mantra Smart Cities services include public safety, traffic management, parking management and waste management.

With the increasing urban population and the growing demands faced by various cities, the Government needs to upgrade their Cities' Infrastructure and Safety systems. Smart City is a solution that provides a way to enhance the city.

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Our Smart City Solution

Our Smart Cities Solutions and Services has the start to end approach that enables fastest module roll-out that is scalable and future proof with seamless System Integration with best in class OEMs providing a Secure Solution for a Smart City. The Solution includes a Command and Control Centre (CCC) where the entire City’s information is collected, viewed and analyzed. The solution comprises of sensors, cameras, smart signalling and parking systems, smart metering, and city surveillance systems.

Traffic Management System

Traffic Management System

Mantra's Traffic Management System is a sensor based technology for surface transportation. The system communicates from remote smart devices to a centralized traffic management system which can divert traffic from one route to another, relieving logjams and increasing vehicle flow. With easy to deploy solutions, the Traffic Management System allows transportation departments and municipal authorities to deliver real-time communication and control to its traffic managers.

Street parking

Street parking areas are better managed with ground sensors that contain a real time alert system that allows for better parking area occupancy. Parking reservations and directions to the parking space reduce queuing times, and by reserving the space through the web and mobile apps, it makes booking and payment easy. Surveillance makes parking lot monitoring and management simple for the third party agency with alerts for people parking in the wrong space, as well as unpaid parking alerts.

Street Parking
Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Identifies the location of waste generation, vehicle location tracking, monitoring collection of waste, sorting process, and disposal of waste.

GPS helps in monitoring distance traveled and weight of garbage collected per vehicle for real cost calculation of transportation, which helps transparency in contractor’s billing.

Fleet status monitoring facility along with routes schedules and assigns driver details. It also helps in identifying missing points and generates alert in case of found, missed or unattended areas. All activities can be monitored from a common monitoring system for data like weighbridge, storage bin and vehicle’s location details. It is a single screen integrated control room with video devices and contact center for municipal solid waste.


A holistic and integrated Command Control Centre will include Video surveillance system, Video Management Software, Video Analytics and Operation Command Control Center. Geographic Information System (GIS) based Command & Control Decision Support System plays a vital role in assisting Public Safety and Law Enforcement organizations to monitor, manage, plan and execute the real-time management tasks effectively. This system offers sustainable solutions to Departments for planning safe areas. The GIS based Decision Support System solves the functional requirements to build the end to end solutions and enhances the operational efficiency.

Command & Control Centre


Integrated Smart Surveillance Solution improves city monitoring and helps leverage existing resources to enable security services with greater efficiency.The surveillance cameras will stream live video feed directly to the Central Control Room. This streamed video feed will get recorded at Central Control Room itself. The Video Retention of all cameras and events will be stored for some defined number of Days. Video Management System is a suite of video management applications comprising of Operations Manager and Media Server that utilize the network as a platform for delivery of live streaming as well as recorded video from video endpoints to end users at client endpoints.


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