RFID Security Solution

We are the leading RFID based tracking solution provider with 15 years of experience in this domain. We are also known in the industry for developing a tailor-made solution based on RFID technology for various projects.

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Our RFID Security Solution

We offer the top-notch solutions to improve, simplify and automate operation challenges for the industries even in harsh environments through RFID technology. As an unconventional supplier and software developer for RFID hardware, we have developed the identification and tracking systems that fulfil the project requirement. We've accrued a collection of our most popular RFID devices for various industries and logistics enterprise.

We also collaborate with our clients and in a few cases with other solution development companies to provide the most effective system for tracking using ultrahigh-frequency tags and readers. Our products are used worldwide in many industries for business operations.

Library Management


Manually feeding the data for thousands of books in a library is a very hectic procedure. Our systems are super effective in Recording and Organizing library's books data in a catalogue format which helps in easy Categorization and sorting of the books.


Our Personal File Management System enables HR departments to effectively maintain employee data and equip HR personnel with secure and easy access to the employee database.

Using our system, Organizations can store employee information electronically at one location that minimises the time spent on searching for information while increasing the security. Our system also supports extensive data compliance work and ensures that employees' critical information remains secure.

Personal File Management System


Every client has a unique requirement. Working together we’ll discover the right solution which fits in your budget to reach the desired goal.