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Mantra has made Research & Development its topmost priority, to continue supporting business with the advanced technology and Customized solutions to meet their specific problems.

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Innovation for next generation enterprises

Great Innovative technology is all about exceptional product experiences. At Mantra, we leverage products R&D for customer centric solutions through agile and efficient technology.

The most successful business across industries have several things in common today. They strive to improve their security and surveillance system, aligned with new technology trends that are reliable, scalable and efficient.

In the current era of high product competition and dynamic markets, the success of the global business is defined by its asset security, secured information sharing and improving productivity.

Innovation in electronic security and Biometric products are a fundamental part of our R&D department. Our R&D team is focused on developing smart Integrated security system. We are developing Advance safety and security system which adopting smarter ways to solve critical security threats through our innovative range of products.

Innovation for Next Generation Enterprises

R&D at a glance

30 %

of our workforce dedicated to R&D

8 %

of total 2017 revenue directed to our R&D budget

60 %

top 100 companies are using our products & solutions

Fueling innovation through leading experts and engineers in the research team

Investing a substantial portion of investment and manhours, R&D department is the driving force of innovation at Mantra.

R&D At a Glance

Innovation: the stepping stone of our strategy

Our multidisciplinary expert team has the full range of skills to develop new innovative technology in biometrics. We are working hard to build technology solutions that are anticipated in the near future.

Leadership and Experience

Mantra is the leading innovative biometric solutions (fingerprint, iris, face), provider

15 years of experience in developing automated biometric solutions

With over 5000+ channel partners and 1 lac + customers