Servico improves productivity and profitability of Organizations by providing real-time maintenance and repairing service Support for Biometric devices and Security system.

For support ticket, log on to “” ( Attached is the process )

Click on support request (Software query) / RMA Request (RMA Query)/ Installation Request (Installation Query) etc.

Fill all your information there and submit.

The ticket will be generated and auto mail will be received in an inbox so that you can track the form from the same ticket number.

Within 24 hours, a response will be given to the ticket

Click Here To Online Support:-

The team will send an e-mail or give a call to you and take the remote connection to resolve the issue. Once each software supports call support, the team will provide an update to you regarding the support log and set the status. If you are not satisfied and still have any query, you can send an e-mail within the same ticket or create a new one.

You can send an e-mail regarding any of your hardware related queries. The team will forward your call to an engineer or the engineer will give a call to you or team will provide you with the engineer's contact details. You can track the ticket number for the same - the team will even provide updates regarding the support.

The team will let you know the device status, repairing status and also notify the details as per the query.