MORPHS Slap Fingerprint Scanner

Mantra MORPHS is an accurate, fast & reliable ten-print fingerprint scanner, ideally suited for biometric verification & enrollment applications.

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Our MORPHS Slap Fingerprint Scanner

Mantra MORPHS is a portable Slap fingerprint scanner offering wide scanning area to capture all ten fingerprints (four finger-slaps and thumbs of both the hands). The innovative design of the device allows the user to scan both fingerprint ID flats of an individual. MORPHS proves to be rapid, accurate & reliable for 4-4-2 Fingerprint enrollment applications.

The fingerprint scanner device MORPHS is easy-to-use which can efficiently be utilized by the local/government organizations for enrolling the citizens under UID-Aadhaar, National ID, National Population Register projects, World Bank and UNESCO schemes. MORPHS is a robust biometric fingerprint scanner device tailored to operate for multiple commercial, civil and government applications. MORPHS conforms to IP54 ratings for protecting the device against dust and water. Additionally, an ergonomic design combined with an easy-to-integrate SDK architecture makes MORPHS the perfect choice for system integrators and solution providers.


IP65 Water and dust protected rugged casing & platen covered by safety cover.

Device can perform indirect or direct sun - light condition (approx 100K Lux).

Captured image quality certified by FBI's IAFIS Appendix-F & Mobile ID FAP60.

Excellent imaging performance with dusty conditions; and dry or dirty fingers, even when fingerprint surface is stained by ink


Some of the significant features of our advance biometric fingerprint scanner device are listed underneath:-

Supports Flat Capture

WHQL certified Device Driver

Better User Interface by LED Indicators

FBI Appendix Certified

USB 2.0, USB-IF Certified

Scratch-Free Surface

Water & Dust Protected Rugged Casing

Under Direct Sunlinght up to 100K LUX

Interchange Biometric standard


MORPHS ten-print fingerprint scanner feature exquisite specifications that are designed to address the modern-day requirements of Ten Fingerprint enrollment applications.

Parameters Specification
Fingerprint Sensor Type: Optical Scratch Free Sensor
Pixel Resolution: 500 DPI +/- 1%
Platen Area: 3.5 x 3.2 in. (90 x 81 mm)
Capturing Format: Flat Four fingers & Two thumbs
Active Platen Area: 3.2 x 3.0 Inch (81.2 x 76.2 mm)
Finger Image Pixels: 1600 x 1500 Pixels
Pixel Depth: 8 Bits/Pixel (256 Gray Level)
Capturing Speed: 3.3 F
Capture mode: Auto capture with built-in quality check (incorporates NIST quality considerations)
Parameters Specification
Interface : USB 2.0, USB-IF Compliance *
Operating Voltage: 5V +/- 5% (USB Powered Device)
Current Consumption: Operating : < 350 mA (Max) & Stand By : < 80 ma (max)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Operating Humidity: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
ESD protection: Contact Discharge: +/- 4kV, Air Discharge: +/- 8kV
LED Indicators: Power, Status, and fingerprint image quality
Dimension: 173 x 147 x 121 mm
Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
Parameters Specification
Biometric Data Interchange Format: ISO 19794-2:2011 for minutiae & ISO 19794-4:2011 for Image Template, WSQ3.1, JPEG2000
EMI / EMC Compliance: CE & FCC Part 15B class A
Environmental, Health and Safety: RoHS
Safety: EN/IEC 62368-1, IS 13252 (Part 1)
BIS: IS 13252 (Part 1)*
Image Quality: FBI’s IAFIS Appendix-F & Mobile ID FAP60
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
Device Driver: WHQL certified
Parameters Specification
Operating System: Windows x86 & x64, Android, Linux
Standard Software: SDK: MIDFinger_Enroll
Software Features: NIST compliance WSQ compression module
NIST compliance NFIQ Quality check
Segmentation of flats into single fingerprint images
*Certification under process

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