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Biometrics iris recognition system makes a practical and effective use of an individual's retina to attain accurate human verification and authentication using pattern recognition technology.

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Just as the fingerprint, face and palm impression of an individual remains stable during their lifetime, a person's iris pattern also persists to be exactly similar throughout his life. Iris recognition technology proves to be secure, reliable and error-free verification process amongst all biometric verification methods. Consequently, the iris security system is regarded as the most trusted approach of recognizing an individual taking into account the human retina.The iris recognition biometric solution utilizes cutting-edge biometric technology that renders intense security solution with profound accuracy.

Iris Recognition

The iris scanner captures images of either one or both of human irises with higher resolution to compare and match it with the existing iris pattern of an individual saved in the database. The biometric iris scanner operates based on two processes - one is the pattern identification process and the other is comparing those patterns to the pre-existing pattern of a human retina.

The biometric iris recognition system is profoundly scalable, secure, rapid, assessable and accurate. An iris scanner is a biometric device utilized for a real-time identification process with higher performance and greater accuracy.

The applicability of iris recognition biometric technology is not only restricted to the security concerns but also pertinent to be applicable in various sectors. The major applications of biometric iris recognition technology involve restricting unauthorized access in the facilities, immigration at the airports, hospitals and clinics, border control system, to unlock various devices and smart phones, aviation security, various government schemes, and many more.

Mantra’s biometric iris scanner devices contain high resolution cameras to obtain the images of a person’s irises for an efficient identification process. Our contactless retina scanner is renowned for its accuracy, ruggedness and speed that can be efficiently operated for a longer range providing solutions offering modal quality.

Iris Recognition

MIS 100V2

Mantra MIS100V2 is a high quality USB IRIS Scanner for IRIS Authentication. It provides higher security and usability with high-level image matching and better iris image assessment qualities. MIS100V2 is ultra compact that can auto capture the iris image of an individual.

Lowest FAR and FRR

STQC Certified Product

Supports Windows, Linux and Android Operating Systems.

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Mantra mDESK8 IRIS & fingerprint biometric device is elegantly combined with fingerprint, IRIS and Standard android tablet into a beautiful but rugged casing.

STQC & PIV Approved Fingerprint Sensor & IRIS sensor.

5MP AF & 2MP FF Camera for QR Code Reading.

16Gb Flash for storage of Fingerprint Templates/Photos with Transactions.

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