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Mantra is a leading provider of biometrics software products, services, and solutions. Our modular software products include SDKs that enable fingerprint, face, and iris recognition & authentication solutions, user interface applications for biometric enrollment, name matching and identity resolution.

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Our Biometrics Software

Our vast product portfolio, experienced engineering staff, and deep subject matter expertise are aimed squarely at the delivery of software engineering services. That's how we provide you with high impact software consultation, design, and customization for biometric solutions. As our broad shoulders support a wide spectrum of abilities — from COTS(commercial off-the-shelf) tools to fully customized solutions — our services and support can be scaled to fit whatever tasks are optimally outsourced by our customer.

Best of all, our role is not set in stone. We flex, changing and adapting from project to project or even over the course of a particular engagement. This flexibility is a key benefit of working with Mantra, giving customers the latitude to optimize their approach, mitigate project risks, and focus their resources on a project’s overarching challenges without sacrificing attention to the smallest detail. Our work plans complement our customers' capabilities, which is why they can achieve on time, on budget delivery of a high quality, high performance system.

System architecture & design

Mantra's years of experience mean we deliver a wealth of knowledge and best practices to you. We are experts at deploying complex biometric enrollment, identification, and authentication software in real world environments. Our Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) provides a modular, configurable, scalable, secure, service oriented platform to develop custom enterprise solutions. And, Mantra delivers a highly scalable cluster computing platform for large scale fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, and authentication solutions.

System Architecture & Design
Interface Configuration

Interface Configuration

Mantra can quickly configure our software to interface with a wide range of other system components. Mantra COTS (commercial off the shelf) software components interface with different standard and non standard software products and platforms.

Custom feature development

If you've got must-haves, we're your solution partner. "Unique requirements" is our middle name. Mantra can help customers demonstrate, develop, and incorporate custom features quickly, differentiating their product or market position in an impactful way.

Custom Feature Development
GUI & Work flow Configuration

GUI & work flow configuration

Our biometric applications can be customized to your specific requirements. For example, our Universal Registration Client - URC (biometric enrollment workstation application) can be modified to reflect your work flow or functional needs.

Development & testing

Mantra offers comprehensive technical assistance and support for developers, acting as an on-demand extension of development engineering staff. Mantra can help your development team to learn, utilize, and integrate Mantra software solution components into their own applications and work flows. This maximizes the usefulness of the features and functionality of Mantra's software, but more importantly, it puts you in a position to differentiate your service and offerings to your customers.

Development & Testing
Solution Delivery & Installation Support

Solution delivery & installation support

The software installation phase is a critical point of implementation. Mantra provides crucial expertise towards problem resolution during this short but important time. The result: a smooth launch that ensure overall project success.

Customer training

Mantra can assist with training with in-person seminars, formal training, train the trainer programs, and extensive documentation to share industry and Mantra's best practices.

Customer Training
Subject Matter Expertise

Subject matter expertise

Mantra software engineering personnel are experienced in delivering biometrics software for a variety of applications. Mantra SMEs works hand in hand with customers to develop proposals and solutions that translate technical, financial, and operational requirements into a comprehensive solution. Mantra is a contributor to the biometric standards developed by NIST, INCITS, and ISO, and actively participates in NIST, M1, and SC 37 meetings and document development; Mantra brings this essential and time critical expertise to all its projects.