Palm scanner uses an infrared sensor for the identification process of an individual based on the palm vein pattern. PV2000 Terminal is an elegant Industrial biometric identification terminal that recognizes a person with high accuracy.

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Our PV2000 Palm Vein Scanner

Palm scanner captures an individual's palm vein pattern to identify or verify a person's unique identity. PV2000 terminal is built for industries to offer best contactless biometric identification technology. This terminal can also be used for multiple Industrial applications like Labor management, Contract worker management, Canteen management, Attendance and Worker’s access control etc. Palm Vein pattern is considered to be the most secure and precise biometric technology. It is best suited for Industries where other biometric fails to work owing to difficult conditions.

Color 6.5'' LCD display

Capture photo on recognition of palm Vein pattern

Better hand guide to place Palm in efficient manner

Palm Vein can be captured without touching the sensor

External reader connectivity (optional)

Optional EM card / Mifare / HID Prox / HID Smart card reader

Palm Vein sensor is certified by CE, FCC

Industrial terminal enclosure

Voice, audio and visual confirmation on successful and nonsuccessful matching

Customized LCD front end application

Product Detail
Users Capacity100000
Transactions Log Capacity1000000
False Acceptance Rate0.00008%
False Rejection Rate 0.01%
Matching Options1:1 and 1:G
Users Group100 users group can be defined (0-99)
Matching speed2 seconds for 1:1 matching
User Indication5 LED
Drive ConnectivityTCP/IP and USB pen drive
Power InputDirect 230V AC
Dimension11 x 8 x 4 inch
LCD6.5 inch color LCD
Builtvoice / buzzer
FeatureAccess control(optional)
Control18 keys keypad to operate terminal control panel
Camera2MP in built camera (optional)

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