Operations & Maintenance

We provide a continuous security systems operation and a definite business security system maintenance. We have a dedicated team on shore and off shore for the regular maintenance & operation of your business security system.

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Operations & Maintenance

Business security system maintenance is critical in helping to ensure uninterrupted security systems operation. We offer rapid response to security maintenance issues to help ensure minimal downtime of your security systems.

Operations & Maintenance

Fast Response to the request for all your business security system maintenance.

Smart Automation System

Dedicate Expert for your maintenance security systems requirement.

Regular Maintenance and Repair services for All Security Automation and Business Solutions Systems.

Access control system Maintenance and Repair.

Video Surveillance system and Security camera maintenance.

Maintenance and service of Integrated solutions.

Operations and Maintenance of All Automation Software.

Rapid Maintenance Service helps to minimize unexpected interruptions. Site wise dedicated O&M team for quick actions and resolutions. Provides Reliable service and fast Response when it matters most.

Mantra maintenance Support

Mantra believes in delivering your service needs on time and always support clients in reducing their unplanned downtime, increasing asset life and reliability, creating productive environments. Through planned maintenance and predictive & diagnostic services, Mantra helps in reducing risk, costs and breakdown incident.

Mantra offers a variety of Customized maintenance strategies, developed for individual facility needs that deliver smooth, uninterrupted operations, reduces operational costs, prevents unexpected downtime and increases efficiency.

All of our services are performed by highly skilled and trained technicians, who specialize in specific types of equipment; allowing them to create safer, more productive environments for the people and processes inside their Campus/Industries.

Equipment downtime and repairs are costly to both your budget and productivity. Be proactive. Mantra uses advanced technology and data to assess equipment condition, compare it to the performance of similar equipment, and make data driven recommendations on how you can improve equipment performance. This proven approach finds problems before they happen and uncovers opportunities for improvement that save time and money.

Today’s complex facilities need experienced operators watching over the automation projects, identifying issues and correcting problems before they impact operations.

Mantra O&M provides a dedicated team of certified professionals who monitor projects & systems: security, automation, access control system, security devices, network and more; we provide 24X7 round the year service.

Critical equipment breakdowns always happen at the worst time. Hardware and applications of security automation and business solution systems are some of the most vital assets in your facility. Sudden failure could mean employees in danger, delayed production and reduced revenue. When it happens, Mantra is ready with expert service and support – a partner that responds promptly with experienced, safety minded technicians who return facilities to normal operating conditions.

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