Biometric Micro-ATM for
AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)

Aadhaar enabled Payment System (abbreviated as AePS) - an Aadhaar dependent framework is rolled out by GOI for instigating financial inclusion in India to extend biometric & Aadhaar based banking/financial services to the citizenry through the fingerprint or iris Micro-ATMs. Incorporation of biometric fingerprint scanners or iris scanners for reliable and flawless bank transactions will lead towards safer execution of banking & financial services.

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Our Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Device for AePS

Aadhaar enabled Payment System (abbreviated as AePS) is a secured payment method formed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) facilitating the bank account holders to efficiently execute their banking/financial services such as money deposit, balance inquiry, cash withdrawals, etc. with the assistance of biometric based Micro-ATM. For efficient transactions, the customers/users are simply required to furnish their 12-digits Aadhaar number to the officials of a bank and validate it through biometric fingerprint or iris scanner device.

Our Biometric Micro-ATM device is designed in a way that it offers a modern architecture blended perfectly with contemporary aesthetic. Our biometric device is absolutely suitable for the application of AePS as it is an all-in-one mobile terminal coupled with the biometric fingerprint & iris readers for efficient and accurate authentication of the customers. Furthermore, our biometric Micro-ATM deploys UIDAI/STQC approved fingerprint sensor & iris sensor with the data retention functionality.

Services offered by AePS:-

Withdrawal of cash

Balance Inquiry

Deposition of the amount

Acquiring mini bank statement

Biometric eKYC verification through certified fingerprint or iris scanner

Transferral of funds from one Aadhaar-linked bank account to another Aadhaar-linked accounts

Benefits of AePS

Offers safe, robust and accurate payment method

Easy to use

AePS opens a door for the account holders or customers to implement secure banking & financial services via biometric fingerprint or iris recognition and 12-digits Aadhaar number.

AePS has been formulated for every section of the society, so that the rural communities as well as elderly people of the urban areas can utilize the fastest and reliable banking service.

Any bank account holder or a customer can gain access to the banking services by simply authenticating his/her identity with the aid of biometrics & Aadhaar number, without the requirement of remembering an account number.

Interoperable across multiple banks.

Infrastructure Required for AePS

To carry out varied banking & finance services of the customer through Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AePS), a banking correspondent or banking institutions will require the following hardware components & information:

Biometric Micro-ATM supporting STQC/Aadhaar certified fingerprint or iris reader.

The customer’s 12-digits Aadhaar number.

Finally, after customer authentication/validation through biometric fingerprint scanner or an iris scanner, the transaction gets accomplished within seconds.

Process Flow for Using AePS

Process Flow for Using AePS

To enable the customer with efficient and smooth banking services, following process is followed in general:

Step - 1The customer makes an amount withdrawal request in front of a bank correspondent (An owner of Kirana store, SHG - self help group, PO - post offices can act as a bank correspondent).

Step - 2The bank correspondent (BC) with the aid of biometric Micro-ATM will make a money transfer request by capturing a biometric fingerprint image of a customer/account holder and entering his UID Aadhaar number.

Step - 3Now, the bank correspondent's bank representatives will make a request to NPCI switch for validating the customer.

Step - 4NPCI switch will send an authentication request to the UID system for validating the customer by matching his Aadhaar number & biometric fingerprint impression.

Step - 5Upon successful authentication of the customer, UID system will send a confirmation message to NPCI switch.

Step - 6NPCI switch will further send a request to debit the withdrawal amount to a customer's bank account.

Step - 7Upon cash withdrawal requisition, the customer's bank will send the SMS to him informing about the debit request.

Step - 8The withdrawal amount will now be debited from the customer's bank and it will connect to NPCI switch again.

Step - 9The cash amount will be transferred to the bank correspondent's bank account from the customer's bank via NPCI switch.

Step - 10The bank correspondent will now receive an SMS from his/her bank account upon customer's withdrawal amount getting accredited to the account.

Step - 11The bank correspondent will lastly hand over the cash amount to the customer and the money withdrawal procedure is successfully completed.

Mantra is a trusted partner in implementing the state-of-the-art biometric solutions. Our biometric fingerprint and iris device mTerminal100 is used for efficient and accurate authentication.

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mTerminal 100

Mantra mTerminal100 IRIS & Fingerprint Biometric POS Machine is an all-in-one, affordable, Mobile terminal consisting of various Biometrics Technology.

A contemporary aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern architecture

1 GHz Dual Core ARM processor

Support STQC/Aadhaar Certified Fingerprint, IRIS reader

Dual GSM/LTE Sim Slot and Supports GPRS/3G/4G and WiFi Interface

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