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RFID stands for Radio frequency identification. RFID is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using RFID devices. Rfid device consists of an object called RFID TAG which can be incorporated in to product, animal or in a person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. RFID TAG is also known as RFID Transponder. Some RFID tags can be read from several meters and some beyond the line of sight of the RFID readers.

RFID Integration consists of RFID READERS [RFID TAG Readers] and RFID TAGS.

Most RFID TAGS contain two parts: one is an integrated circuit (RFID CHIP) for storage and process of information, MODEM function for RF signal. The second is an RFID antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. Chip less RFID allows for discrete identification of tags without an integrated circuit, thereby allowing tags to be printed directly onto assets at a lower cost than traditional tags.

There are three types of RFID TAGS:

1> Active RFID Tags: This RFID Transponders contains a battery and can transmit signals independently.

2> Passive RFID Tags: Such kinds of transponders do not have battery.So they require external source to activate signal transmission.

3> Battery assisted Passive: It provides greater range.

RFID Standards:
There are many groups, who define RFID STANDARDS including ISO, IEC, ASTM International, Dash 7 Alliance, EPC global. They are actively involved in RFID Research and Technology development.

Utility of RFID:
RFID is having wide range of industrial applications.

Prohibition of Unauthorized human with RFID ACCESS CONTROL and Time Attendance.

Majority of companies in Retail sector adopting way of RFID INVENTORY MANAGEMENT and observe the path of their goods and assets with RFID Tracking.

Many schools, colleges, universities, public library employ RFID Technologies.

Valuable goods kept in ware houses are safe through RFID Asset tracking utility.

Many Import export logistics companies improved their supply chain management through RFID.

Now with the help of RFID technologies, payment can be made by mobile phones. Small microchip RFID is inserted in to cell phones. User's phone can be linked with mobile phones and can be used in mobile payment.

In Government sector, application of RFID technology for Traffic management and in other public transport system.

Companies use RFID tracking solutions for product management.

In some countries, RFID is used for automated parking system.

RFID is also implemented as Road Toll Tax payment and also used in some public transportation system for payment of fare.

RFID is widely used for Asset Management
RFID combined with mobile computing and web technologies provides supportive role to asset management. Integrated RFID reader can provide proof of identification and attendance. This eliminates manual data entry.

Product Tracking
Giant retailers make used of RFID for their product tracking in b2b supply chain operations.

Logistics transportation and supply chain
Logistics and supply chain are main areas of RFID implementation. They are widely used for yard management, shipping and freight management.

Baggage handling system through RFID
In international airports, they employ RFID in Baggage passing system for perfect identification of baggage.

Animal identification with RFID
Identification animal through RFID is quite conventional utility of RFID. RFID tag is fixed with the ear of any animal.

Role of Mantra Softech in RFID:

Mantra Softech is an ISO 9001:2000 RFID and other security solutions provider in INDIA. Not only to this, Mantra Softech is one of the efficient RFID manufacturers in INDIA.

Mantra Softech is having absolutely customer centric approach, that's why company manufacture RFID products based on customers' requirement. Company is in both designing and manufacturing RFID products and services according to International standards.

Among many RFID suppliers, Mantra Softech has become a distinguished RFID vendor who has provided highly skilled RFID training to their employees for providing superior quality RFID services to their clients.

We provide scalable RFID products and solutions through our specially established RFID support division. This makes us quite different and keeps us apart from other RFID companies in INDIA.

In INDIA, major demand prevailing is 125 Khz RFID. Cost of RFID is still higher. But there are still high growth potential for RFID market in INDIA.

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Our Head office is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have vast network of Wholesalers, Dealers, and distributors across INDIA. We have branch offices in Mumbai [Bombay], New Delhi, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and entire NCR region, Pune [Maharashtra], Bangalore [Karnataka], Jaipur [Rajasthan] and Surat [Gujarat].

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