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Fingerprint Mouse

Among all the biometric techniques, fingerprint-based identification is the oldest method, which has been successfully used in numerous applications. In this digital world, data transferring is more frequently than ever, which means the needs of security existing everywhere in our daily lives. The Fingerprint technology provides an extremely clear fingerprint images from the surface of finger skin, so that the result of identification is more accurate. It also provides high security than other encryption methods.

The Optical Fingerprint Mouse is equipped with advanced recognition technology. They can get fingerprint images in a second, and verify the image from the fingerprint database immediately. Not only provides high security, the Fingerprint Recognition System also keeps your data in confidential all the time, even in the circumstance of multiple users using in the same PC. In addition, by combining the device with BioLogon software, the recognition system offers the user a high security, and easy to operate on your Windows system. It means that the BioLogon software is suitable for any kind of applications, and also meets the goals of personalization and security.

It available in two varieties to fulfill users requirements. Optical Fingerprint sensor makes the fingerprint mouse suitable for wet/tardy fingerprint recognition. The Sleek and stylish design can make it the choice of every security needs.
> Access control & time attendance
> Networking security
> Banking and trading security
> ATM and POS system
> Fingerprint Sensor : CMOS Reader
>  Hardware Interface :  USB V1.1
>  Resolution :  800 dpi
>  Capture Area :  13 x 13 mm
>  Dimension :  121 x 63 x 38.5 mm
>  Operating Temperature :  0 Deg C ~ 70 Deg C
>  Image Capture Time :  8 frames/sec.
>  Verification Time :  < 1 sec.
>  FRR :  1/100
>  FAR :  1/100,000
>  Power Consumption :  Max Current < 150mA
>  Switch Life :  1,000,000 cycle life
>  Supported OS

:  Win98SE/ME//2000/XP

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