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Biometrics Fingerprint Locks



Biosafe is most popular safe made for hotels, homes, jewelry shops, lockers and other security purposes. Biosafe is intelligent combination of traditional keylock system and fingerprint locking system. biosafe can be fixed to the floor using bolts so that its impossible to move the safe. Biosafe comes with rugged fingerprint biometric sensor and with LCD interface so its easy to enroll verify and open the safe. This works in two modes. First is hotel mode and other is home mode. Hotel mode can stores 1 fingerprint at a time, after checkout other person can store the finger and so on. while home mode can store around 8 users with 3 administrator. Administrator can delete/add user so that its easy to maintain the security porpose

BioSafe Fingerprint Biometrics Safe
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> Sensor Optical  
> LCD While LCD Display  
> Identification Method 1:N  
> Register method Fingerprint  
> Scan Area 15MM * 16MM  
> Resolution 500 DPI  
> Fingerprint Capacity 1 (Hotel Mode), 8 (home mode)  
> FRR 0.001%  
> FAR 0.00001%  
> Working Current 0.1A  
> Sleeping Current 0.5uA  
> Size 400mm x 250 mm x 240 mm (Can be customized)