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  Innovations That Counts  
Name Location Comment
Bank of Maharashtra Ahmedabad 1 Branch
Kalupur Commercial Bank Ahmedabad 5 Branch
Ahmedabad District Co-Op Bank Ahmedabad 135 Branches
Amreli Nagrik Sahakari Bank Amreli 3 Branches
Rajkot District Co-Op Bank Rajkot 25 Branches
Name Location Comment
Donear Textile Ltd Mumbai Approx 600 Employees
Gupta Synthetic Ltd Surat Approx 1000 Employees & 5 Location
Pushpanjali Dies and Printing Surat Approx 300 Employees
Shubhlaxmi Textile Ltd Surat Approx 300 Employees
Name Location Comment
Meghmani Organics Ltd Ahmedabad Approx 2500 Employees & 6 Location
Nova Petrochemicals Ltd Ahmedabad Approx 1000 Employees & 2 Location
Cadila Healthcare Ahmedabad Approx 1000 Employees & 1 Location
GSP Crop Science Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad Approx 200 Employees & 2 Location
Name Location Comment
Shah Alloyes Ltd Ahmedabad Approx 3000 Employees & 2 Location
SAL Steel Ltd Gandhidham Approx 1500 Employees & 1 Location
Suraj Steel Ltd Ahmedabad Approx 1000 Employees & 1 Location
Shaifali Steels Pvt Ltd Santej Approx 500 Employees & 1 Location
Name Location Comment
HAL (Hindustan Aeronotics Ltd) Bangalore Approx 200 Employees & 1 Location
Essar Ltd Surat Approx 5000 Employees & 1 Location
Averest Engineering Services Ahmedabad Approx 200 Employees & 1 Location
Hitech Elastomers Ltd Santej Approx 8000 Employees & 2 Location
Name Location Comment
Dhirubhai Ambani University Gandhinagar  
E & E World School Ahemdabad  
Nirma University Ahmedabad  
Dharamsingh Desai University Nadiad  
Name Location Comment
Zee News Ahmedabad Approx 200 Employees & 1 Location
Dainik Bhaskar Indore Approx 500 Employees & 1 Location
Fun Republic Ahemdabad  
Pizza Hut Ahmedabad  
Name Location Comment
Wokhart Hospital Mumbai Approx 500 Employees & 5 Location
Apolo Hospital Ahmedabad Approx 200 Employees & 2 Location
SAL Hospital Ahemdabad Approx 800 Employees & 1 Location
Jivraj Mehta Hospital Ahmedabad Approx 1000 Employees & 1 Location

Other Top Clients

ISO 9001:2000 Mantra Softech is a Prominent Biometric security products Manufacturer along with dealership of industry leaders. Mantra Softech has successfully installed powerful biometric security system to many industries. Each and every industry requires high standards of security and Mantra Softech has successful track record of providing efficient and precise biometric security devices to industries.

We have installed biometric equipments in Hotels, restaurants, guest houses, resorts, spa, Water Park, wine bars & liquor houses, dance clubs, motels, cafes [cafeteria], night clubs, public houses, pubs, casinos, snooker houses, gaming zone

Many education institutions purchase biometric security systems for their School, colleges, university, institutions, hostels, library, science laboratory, tuition classes, public art picture gallery, auditorium, university hall, examination halls etc

Many Hospitals, clinics, dispensary, sports complexes, health club, gymnasium, yoga centers, aerobic centers, meditation centers, and pathology laboratories prefer biometric security systems for their assets. Many hospitals have implemented biometric for patient identification..

We have many clients from Banking Industry where we have installed biometric security systems and they avail support services from us.

You can see our biometric security systems running in Multiplex movie theatre & complex, cinema scope, public hall.

Retail sector
Majority of industries now focus on their supply chain management and that's why they have their retail chains. They prefer biometric fingerprint products for their Departmental store, Shopping malls, hypermarket, supermarket, chain stores etc.

Government sector and public/private sector
Forensic Science Laboratory of Gandhinagar, State Government of Gujarat, INDIA is one of our clients. We set up heavy security project to Auditorium, high Courts, Government offices, Museums, Convention centers, Town hall, City civic centers, Airports, Ship dock yard, Harbors, Jetty, Ports, Special economic zones / Export Zones [SEZs], Railways stations, Bus stops, Police stations, Research and development centers, Public parking areas, Cross road Traffic signals, Public garden, Highways, City Roads, Public transport system, Sea [ocean] beaches, Electric Power plants, Dams, Bridges, Mines, Irrigation canals, Petroleum oil Refineries, Fertilizer plants, Auction Houses, Space stations, Government residential colony, Public stadiums, Municipal corporations' offices, Mobile Cell phone towers, Commodity trade centers and money exchanges market places, stock exchanges, Country borders security, Weapon Arsenal, Highway Toll booths, Beacons, Fire brigade, Industrial zones, Wind farms, Tunnels, Air craft runways, Petrol pumps & gas fuel stations.

Gems & Jewelry
Merchants in jewelry industry prefer to purchase biometric security door, lock and safe for their Jewelry store or mall and for small jewelry shop.

Religious Places
Many religious entities prefer biometric security products e.g. Temples, convent, ashram, mosque, church, gurudwara etc.

Residential sector
People who feel intense need of security for their personal assets like Bungalows, home, farm house, flat [apartment] can install biometric security sysems.

Manufacturing sector
Many companies of various industries prefer biometric system for security purpose. They have vast network of their Factories, Plant, building, corporate house, office, car, flats, township, warehouse, server room or MIS centers, Research & Development center [R & D center], Training centers, conference room, canteen, security gate, cabin, chamber, store room, exhibition hall. They want to make their security systems synchronized and that's why they go for security surveillance systems with the help of biometric systems and CCTV camera system. They have capable biometric center which scrutinize each activity of people and goods movement in various locations of their facilities.


ISO 9001:2000 Mantra Softech is imparting High Quality security systems to SEZ [Special Economic Zones] across INDIA.

Mantra softech is looking for biometric market in Middle east countries like kuwait, saudi arabia, iran, iraq, israel, yemen, bahrain, turkey, syria, jordan, lebanon, oman, qatar, UAE and African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Cameroon, Mauritius, Morocco, Egypt