Project Management

A properly implemented access control system enhances business security. It prevents unauthorised access to business resource, premises while allowing access to authorised persons and facilitate online monitoring of manpower, time management and also scheduling.

Mantra has been designing and implementing top-quality engineering solutions in many industries for decades. We utilize a proven project approach that embraces your proprietary methods and standards and tailors solutions to your needs.

We are ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 27001 certified, which means we are held to some of the highest standards in the industry.

We utilize these standards, excellent client communication, sound design practices, and knowledge of the latest products and technologies to meet all your requirements for a successful project.

We have developed a rigorous, disciplined project approach to designing gate automation, building access control, campus management, workforce management and time & attendance systems that reduces risk, ensures efficiency, avoids problems, and produces effective solutions.

Mantra offers expert service for the design, installation and maintenance of access control systems, taking care of the entire supply processes. With systematic maintenance we make sure that equipment gives dynamic and enterprise wise output and remains in operational condition at all times.

System Design & Engineering

Smooth and efficient design for entire life cycle

Mantra Client's - ranging from large size industries, IT, telecom and infrastructure and as well as general contractors - are looking for smart building and industrial solutions designed for the future.

The solutions must incorporate the need of:

  • Digitizations
  • Smart automation system
  • Streamlining of work flows
  • Continuous cost and quality control
  • Safe and Healthy conditions for all users
  • Time scheduling and discipline work nature
  • Security and protection to resource and work area

Project Management

Every projects unique with its individual challenges. Thus, it is essential to control and forecast projects and optimise Project Management on a continuous level.

Quality Project Management is a prerequisite for any successful project. It applies a range of concepts, knowledge, professional skills, tools and techniques to meet the project objectives and ensure project success.

Mantra PMU team work closely with the client. Carefully selected project terms steer the project toward its targets related to design, quality, time, financials and project objectives. We can also take responsibility for fulfilling regulations and contacting authorities.

Within Project Management we coordinate and integrate several disciplines into one single solution. In large or more complex projects where installations are heavily integrated, Mantra can act as the client’s single point of contact for all technical installations.

During the project it is crucial to continuously review, anticipate and optimise the project phases.

Project Management delivery:

  • Time scheduleing and monitoring
  • Site managament and Supervision
  • Co-ordination with all stakeholders (Departmental users from customer, customers agencies and consultants etc.)
  • Procurement, operative buying and sub - contracting
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Invoicing and commercial documentation submission
  • Authorities approval process
  • Reporting
  • Quality management
  • Safety and security
  • Start up, testing and commissioning
  • System cold and hot trails
  • Project documentation
  • System audit trails
  • Project Handover
  • Warranty peroid handling

Project Execuation

Ensuring Project Efficiency for the entire life cycle.

Installations and total technical solutions in security automation and campus access management projects are becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated. Currently, they represent a large share of site security and manpower automation.

Well implemented systems, engineering design and project executions have a large impact on a project life cycle and fulfilment of dynamic deliveries from project.

Mantra's competence and expertise in all relevant technical disciplines ensure a project with balanced risks and profitable results.

Our Project Execution delivery:

  • Leading Project Methodology
  • Synchronized Processes
  • Common Capabilities
  • Consistents and High standard results

With reguler training to our project execution team, we guarantee:

  • The needed quality on site
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Adherence to stringent work safety and security procedures

Risk Management

Every individuals projects are having own challanges and that evolve typical risk in project, many identified uncertain events and conditions that have negetive or positive effects are part of every projects. Mantra PMU team can ensure for minimal risk and also kept ready to response all varities of risk.

Our steps to manage risk effectively:

  • Risk Identifications
  • Risk Qunatifications
  • Risk Response
  • Risk Monitoring and Control