Integrated Solution

In present scenerio, industries are having many verities and complexities due to nature to work, administration, security and safety requirement.

21st Century access control required to be an integrated system to comply all verities and complexity and deliver outputs to multiple departmental users.

Mantra solutions provide reach features considering all challanges of integrated system and, enables security coverage from day one of construction through full operations, helping reduce risk of overruns in time and cost.

Along with a consistent global project methodology, Mantra delivers improved site security through situational awareness and early detection, more information for better response, and improved operator productivity.

Our systems are of the highest quality, but they are also highly cost effective. At a price that delivers outstanding value for money, each system provides the perfect combination of great functionality and high reliability together with ease of use and ease of installation.

As specialists focused on the design, manufacture and support of integrated security systems, you can also be confident in our unrivalled technical knowledge and outstanding support services.

Commercial/Industrial includes but is not limited to: Manufacturing, construction, commercial buildings, chemical plants and public utilities to name a few.