Enterprise Security Solutions

Securing today's business landscape involves a stretegic methodology and proactive approach to stay ahead of possible risk. Plants and industries starts with conventional building access and extends to securing of sensetive areas by means of authorized access credentials.

Mantra Projects & SI division is "concept-to-completion" solution provider for enterprise wise security automation & secured access authorization for monitoring of entry / exit at all levels.

Security practitioners require robust, future-proof solutions that are able to be flexibly deployed as security requirements evolve. Mantra addresses these challenges with a scalable offering of reliable access control systems..

Our delivery for authorization:

  • Consuming - Delivery of authorization to consume information's
  • Entering - Delivery of authorization for entering in campus
  • Using - Delivery of authorization to use own access

Our security solutions are not only competitive with regard to functionality and price, but also reflect the growing technological convergence between organisations’ IT and security systems.

Designed to integrate with a wide range of complementary technologies including gate automation, building access, gate entry, campus access, Identity management, alerts / alarm and summerize head counts dashboard at common screen.

Management systems, our systems enhance the effectiveness of your security as well as energy efficiency and sustainability programmes.