Time Attendance & Payroll

An ultimate payroll solution with attendance

PayTime provides you with a practical solution to reduce the processing of employee time sheets and decrease human errors associated with a manual time keeping process.

This not only improves personnel efficiency but also results in savings of both time and money. PayTime is frequently interfaced to other key corporate systems including HR, Payroll and Financials to be an integral element of the corporate systems strategy and execution. PayTime give employees more control of their time off and a greater sense of fairness through consistent policy enforcement.

Salient Features

  • Multi Department / Designation.
  • Auto/Manual Download Punch from Machine/Pen Drive.
  • Multi Leave Type.
  • Rules/Attendance rules/Deduction Rules.
  • Attendance Process with salary Calculation

Device Management

  • Multiple Device Option.
  • Auto Download Punch from Machine
  • Backup and Restore Fingers/card details
  • Upload Name into Machine

All Report

  • All reports are based on flexible filtration.
  • Each report have some Selection Criteria as per Report category


  • Import Employee Details from CSV file
  • Import Punches from text file
  • User Permission

Company Policy & management

  • Unlimited rules-based pay-rules to ensure each employee type and contract is accurately handled
  • Overtime management
  • Shift Scheduling with multiple shift assignment
  • Holiday setup, Week off setup, Compensatory off setup, On duty setup and other rules and rights setup define by administrator
  • Full range of data capture methods and techniques

Attendance Report

  • Daily / Monthly Attendance report
  • Overtime Report
  • Absentees / present / Late Arrival / Late departure / Early Arrival / Early Departure
  • Manual Punch Reports
  • Employee wise Daily / Monthly Attendance
  • Monthly Report with in/out Time
  • Employee wise Daily / Monthly Attendance
  • Monthly Details report
  • Attendance with shift time / in time/out time

Salary Report

  • Salary Slip
  • Allowance report
  • Salary Register
  • Deduction report

Punch Report / Miscellaneous Report

Supported (Optional) Multiple punch Reports(e.g. Missed/Complete/All Punch)
Punch Details from Device / Manual
Date / Month / Period wise punch
Leave/On-duty Report

Database Supported

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Any other DB(optional)