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An Introduction to IRIS Recognition
What is IRIS? It is very much important to have glimpse of IRIS of our eye. IRIS is a thin, circular structure in the eye. IRIS is responsible for controlling the diameter and size of eye ball (pupil) and amount of light reaching to the eyeball. A color of eye is responsible due to IRIS.
How IRIS works in eye?
When light impact on the eye, muscles attached to the iris expand or contract the aperture at the centre of the iris. This is known as pupil. Larger the pupil, more light can enter in to the eye.

An introduction to IRIS Recognition IRIS recognition is one of the biometric identification and authentication that employs pattern recognition technology with the help of high resolution images of IRIS of a eye of a particular person. IRIS recognition is absolutely different than Retina Scan Technology. IRIS recognition employs camera with infrared illumination which reduces reflection from convex cornea and imparts detail rich images with complex structure of IRIS. Then these images converted to digital templates and provide mathematical representation of the IRIS. This technology provides unambiguous and perfect identification of an individual. Person with a glasses or contact lenses can also be identified by IRIS recognition. Because of its speed of comparison, IRIS recognition is the unique biometric recognition technology perfectly suited for one to many identification.

Advantages of IRIS recognition: IRIS of an eye has been described as the ideal part of the human body for biometric identification: IRIS is an integral organ of the eye and is well protected against any damage. While fingerprint gets changed over a period of time because of certain type of manual labor. As compared to face, the shape of IRIS is flat and its geometric configuration is quite regular. This makes IRIS shape far more predictable than face. In general the rage of IRIS scanner is from some centimeters to few meters. There is no need for the person to touch IRIS scanner to be identified and authenticated.