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Embedded Technology
Wireless Development
An answer to the growing demand for mobility in a competitive business environment and a 24x7x365 access to your corporate information and services by your customers, employees and business partners is possible in a unified manner through mobile computing solutions. Such infrastructure allows your organization to handle its processes on a real-time thereby giving it that important competitive advantage.
Divas with its expertise in building components and applications using wireless technologies, offers end-to-end wireless solutions that are secure, scalable, stable, efficient and economical for a variety of business requirements. Wireless solution development at Divas uses a highly integrated set of tools that can offer the best path for your idea or concept to be transformed into a product or service. All your backend applications, databases, voice systems, e-mail systems, middleware and other components and touch-points can be integrated by Divas to support a wireless solution, thereby aiding you to form an information infrastructure.

At Divas a complete wireless solution development can be drawn up with the following categories of architectural components as its backbone:
> Information infrastructure
> Wireless networks
> Client devices
> Wireless applications
Wireless solutions, Wireless security system, Wireless network solutions, LAN solutions

Wireless networks serve as the conduit to complete the network between devices and wired networks and include options such as GPS, WWAN, WLAN, infrared, Bluetooth, cellular telephony and satellite communication. The client devices that we could integrate into your wireless networks range from smart phones, pagers, PDAs to Pocket PCs using a wide variety of operating systems.

To support wireless product and service provider companies, our services are integrated with ASIC, embedded application design and software development to offer a comprehensive concept-to-finished product/service roll out plan, thereby giving them a major competitive lead in terms of cost and time-to-market.