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Embedded Technology
PCB Design Services
We offer PCB Design, Fabrication and assembly Service at a very very competitive prices. We provide high quality service to small, medium and large electronic and computer companies all over the world. A cost effective service for product development efforts is being supported by details of our Design and Manual Routing Service. A rare aptitude and ability to educate and engths coupled with a desire to upgrade. Service, Quality, CAD Compatibility, Experience and a Short turn around time will be the essence of our participation with your Product Development Team. We Support and Partner with Clients to work as a Offsite Design Team and provide them with a Dependable PCB Design Source.
Component Library Development and Maintenance
  • Dedicated development Team
  • Process driven development
  • Symbols compliant with IEEE and with IPC-7351 standards
  • Customised library development for different customers
Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • High Speed digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs
  • High Density PCBs : > 500 pins / Sq.inch
  • High Layer count boards : 20+ layers
  • High Speed Interconnects : 3.125 Gbps
  • Impedance/Delay matching
  • Blind and Buried Vias
  • Fine Pitch BGA (0.5mm), High Pin count BGA (1764 pins)
  • Motherboards, High Speed Serial Backplanes, Single board computers
  • ASIC Evaluation boards, Probe Cards
  • Mechanically constrained PCBs
  • Expertise on Mentor Graphics and Cadence tools
Signal Integrity & High Speed Board Design
  • Simulation using Eldo Spice and IBIS Models
  • Eye Pattern & Jitter analysis for multi-gigabit signals
  • Analysis of High Speed SERDES based designs
  • Multi-board system level simulation
Board level Thermal analysis  
  • Power Dissipation
  • Thermal Gradient
  • Thermal Distribution
  • Detection & correction of hot-spots