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Mantra have built a unique and very accurate fingerprint authentication system. The broad overview of the system is as shown below:

fingerprint verification process

Fingerprint recognition
Fingerprint recognition is also known as “image acquisition”. In this part of the process, a user places his or her finger on a scanner. Numerous images of the fingerprint are then captured. It should be noted that during this stage, the goal is to capture images of the center of the fingerprint, which contains many of the unique features. All of the captured images are then converted into black and white images.

The fingerprint is composed of various “ridges” and “valleys” which form the basis for the loops, arches, and swirls that one can easily see on his/her fingertip. The ridges and valleys contain different kinds of breaks and discontinuities. These are called “minutiae”, and it is from these “minutiae” that the unique features are located and determined. There are two types of “minutiae”:

  • Ridge endings (the location where the ridge actually ends)
  • Bifurcations (the location where a single ridge becomes two ridges)
Template Creation
Based upon the unique features found in the “minutiae”. The location, position, as well as the type and quality of the “minutiae” are factors taken into consideration in the template creation stage. Each type of fingerprint recognition technology has its own set of algorithms for template creation and matching.
Template Matching

The system will either attempt to verify or identify a individual, by comparing the enrolled template against the verification template.

Any application that requires such authentication can be interfaced with Biometrics system using standard API’s known as BioAPI or BAPI. These APIs are open-systems standard written in C and it consists a set of function calls to perform basic actions common to all biometric technologies, such as

  • enroll user
  • authentication
  • discover identity