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Prisoner Management Software
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PMS is Client Server based, interactive jail booking and management system that provides information on prisoners, employees, visitors and their respective details. PMS performs the necessary information storage and retrieval functions for efficient management of jail records

PMS reports provide reliable and timely information on all aspects of jail management including prisoner personal property, visitor activity, employee’s attendance, mental and medical health information, prisoner movements in and out of the facility, commissary inventory and prisoner purchases, medication updates, , population statistics, Faces Records, Mugshots records and Fingerprint Records. Some of these reports serve as official document forms with signature lines provided.

Following Masters are provided in the software


- Prisoner Details
- Employee Details
- General Master
- Visit Details
- Medical Details
- Commissary Master
- Common Details
1. Medication Transaction
2. Prisoner Book In / Book Out Transaction
3. Commissary Inmate Deposit Transactio
4. Commissary Item Sales Transaction
5. Employee Time & Attendance Transaction
6. Visit Place Management Transaction
7. Visitor Management Transaction
8. Total Hours Calculation


- Prisoner Details
- Employee Details
- General Details Master
- Visit Details Master
- Medical Details Master
- Commissary Details
- Transaction Report
Visit Management
Visitor Management
TimeTrak Report
Commissary Report


1. Unlock Database
2. General Search
3. Current User Log off
4. Backup Database
5. Report Settings
6. Undo Delete Records