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MAFIS is a fully functional Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The increasing database of fingerprint slips and workloads make the manual operations difficult. The present manual procedure, which could take days, weeks or even months, is carried out on MAFIS within minutes. MAFIS is a powerful tool for fingerprint experts where it automates the manual process of identifying fingerprints. The system drastically cuts down human intervention and also the time to search and identify fingerprints. MAFIS ensures accuracy of results and also enhances the quality of job for the fingerprint expert.

It provides automated tenprint-to-tenprint search, tenprint to liveprint, liveprint to tenprints, latent to liveprint and latent-to-tenprint search. The system also has a full range of latent-and-ten print enhancing capabilities.

Some tasks a computer does well, others a human being can do better. The Mantra MAFIS solution is designed to combine the best of automated and manual AFIS processes. Routine tasks are handled by the computer automatically, but the system is designed to request human intervention whenever necessary and appropriate.

For example, after a fingerprint card is scanned, the system automatically performs a series of image processing and data management routines to locate individual fingers, crop and clip images, identify minutiae and core locations, and determine fingerprint pattern classifications. These steps illustrate the difference between operations that are appropriately machine-controlled and those that require human intervention.

Cropping the images requires no human intervention and is, therefore, a completely automated process. Minutiae and core location operations are automated, but a machine assigned quality score determines whether subsequent human attention is required and, if so, the system automatically alerts an operator. Likewise, fingerprint classification is determined automatically, but, due to its critical nature, a subsequent review by a human operator is fully supported in order to allow a trained examiner to override the system's assigned pattern selection whenever necessary.

In the latter case, the system automatically references both the machine and the operator-assigned pattern classifications, reducing the possibility of missed matches due to miss-classification. As these examples indicate, the Mantra MAFIS solution applies the power of computers to assist, not to replace the human fingerprint expert.
biometric system architecture
1. Ten Print Modules
2. Latent Print module
3. Live Print Module
4. Document Case Module
5. Palm Print Module
6. Search module
7. Report and Statistics Module
8. Database Modules
9. Network Modules
10. Other Modules