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Access Control

Positive Identification of individuals is now a serious business considering the fact that people have to be allowed access to areas only if they are authorized and criminals have to be caught and proven guilty without a doubt.

Mantra Softech Ahmedabad Biometric Access Control software and Hardware devices secures access for those people who have reserved the right to be in a facility, by virtue of their status, schedule or association. Let managers control who will be allowed to use designated entryways, and at what time.

Access control is in-built part of all standalone biometric time attendance system. biometric access control devices is equipped with exit switch and EM (electromagnetic) door lock. upon verification of fingerprint of an employee.
Our Biotime1,Biotime3,Biotime4,Biotime5,Biotime8,BioFingerMini, MproxMini are single door controller system. It can control only single door.
BioFinger and Mprox are Multi door control system.
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