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SFM3000 Series
OEM Modules
Mantra Technologies SFM3000 is a new fingerprint module containing Mantra Technologies cutting-edge fingerprint solution running on high performance DSP.
Fingerprint Biometrics OEM Modules SFM3000-FL
SMF3000-FL with AuthenTec's Fingerloc AF-S2 sensor
Fingerprint Biometrics OEM Modules SFM3050-TC
SFM3050 with ST Microelectronics' TouchChipt m sensor
Fingerprint Biometrics OEM Modules SFM3010-FC
SFM3010 with Atmel's FingerChip sensor
Fingerprint Biometrics OEM Modules SFM3020-OP
SFM3020 with optical fingerprint sensor
The UniFinger tm evaluation kit allows a user to evaluate the UniFinger's core functionality, Custom applications with full biometric authentication capabilities can be developed quikly and easily with the evaluation kit. No understanding of biometrics is necessary and it allows the developer to focus on their application requirements. The EVK includes a sample module.